I shoot shiny shit. It's technical, challenging and it's really satisfying. 
And when done right, it looks bloody brilliant.
After years of photographing everything from sparkling earrings to gleaming over-sized boat engines and pretty much everything in between, I know how to do it right.
Lets get together and make that shit shine.

A selection of companies I've worked with in the past, some shiny, some not so.

Honda                                Thomas Gannon
Myer                                   Jaegermiester
Coles                                  Wendy's
Clarks                                 Highlands Appliances
Farmers Union                   Domino’s Pizza
MRC                                   Gondwana Clothing
Tooheys                              Snooze
Officeworks                        LaIonica
Penfolds                             Paradise Foods
Croft Shoes                        Walnut Shoes