String and pain

Late last year I worked with artist Soula Mantalvanos to provide background photos for a book, Art and Chronic Pain,  describing her very personal and difficult journey with chronic pain - Soula's Facebook page talks about it here. The brief was to photograph a continuous length of tangled string on paper, about 10metres long, to flow seamlessly from page to page through the book.

Trickier than it sounds.

Phoebe lamps

I shot these lamps recently for Phoebe lamps. They have an insert panel where you change design by inserting a new paper, poster, photo, map etc. It's one of those really simple but effective ideas. 
It's Australian made by partner duo Åsa Jonasson and Peter Harding. 
See them at
(This isn't a sponsored ad. Honestly! They're cool.) 


Summer holidays at Marengo Beach, Apollo Bay. 


Rock hopping at Marengo beach. (Apollo Bay)

10 minutes in St. Kilda

10 minutes in St Kilda